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Roof Cleaning Done Right in Templestowe

MELBOURNE ROOF CLEANING AND RESTORATION specialises in expert high pressure roof cleaning services within Templestowe.

Constant roof care and maintenance keeps your roof in top shape, thus reducing the risk of serious damage. Our team has extensive experience in roof and gutter cleaning, you can count on us for exceptional results.

Benefits of Having Your Roof Cleaned

Even the highest quality roofs get covered in moss, dirt or lichen over time. When this happens, the overall appearance of your property and house gets affected. Roof cleaning is an ideal solution to give your roof a revitalised look. Having your roof cleaned improves the aesthetic appeal of your home and reduces the risk of long-term damages, thus saving you costly repairs and replacement in the future. At MELBOURNE ROOF CLEANING AND RESTORATION, we are committed to extending the life of your roof through top quality cleaning solutions.

We clean your roof to give it a fresh, new look.


Roof Cleaning Services Templestowe VIC

We Clean Dirty Roofs Like No Other

MELBOURNE ROOF CLEANING AND RESTORATION is dedicated to serving residential clients who understand the value of properly maintaining their roofs. Our cleaning expertise makes us the top choice for all your roof cleaning needs. Using only high quality materials such as high pressure cleaning equipment, we ensure a thorough dirt-free appearance.

We clean tiles, eaves, gutters, pathways and driveways and ensure environmentally friendly techniques. Our roofing experts make your property look brand new again, without compromising surface integrity.

Roof Cleaning Services Bayside

State-of-the-art equipment and high quality materials.


Why Choose Our Company?

  • Prompt response
  • Courteous manner
  • High quality work
  • 7 year workmanship guarantee
  • Spectacular results
  • Honest, reliable and professional roofing specialists
  • Competitive prices

Look no further than MELBOURNE ROOF CLEANING AND RESTORATION for excellent roof cleaning services.